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Eating disorders can have a devastating impact on your emotional and physical health. Here at Total Health Guidance we are uniquely equipped to help because of our knowledge base in emotional, relational, and nutritional health.


When treating eating disorders, we use a multi prong approach which leads to total health. We will help to establish a customized food plan which will include your: nutritional needs, likes, dislikes, restaurant choices, and lifestyle. We will also develop a behavioral plan to keep you moving forward on the road to recovery. That plan will provide the support and accountability needed for long term success. However, we don’t stop there.  We use a unique approach to address the core, underlying issues which lead to the problem in the first place. Our goal is to address the root problem in the quickest and gentlest way possible.


You don’t have to walk this path alone – help is here!  Give us a call today at 321-332-6984 and get started on fresh path to total health!



Fees for counseling sessions are $100/hour. Some scholarship discounts may be available for low income clients.  Please call our office at 321-332-6984 for additional information.

RECOVERY PACKAGE RATES: We also offer special rates for those that are serious about their recovery and want to treat it from a holistic perspective. Our packages include weekly therapy sessions, acupuncture for cravings, massage therapy for detoxing and stress management, as well as nutritional support.  Rates for monthly packages range from $260 – $695.


As a graduate student in a counseling program, I had immense shame over my struggle with an eating disorder. My therapist at Total Health Guidance was so easy to talk with and I felt comfortable right away. He helped me with a practical plan that actually worked. I think the reason it worked was because he helped me identify the issues from my past that were fuel for my unhealthy behavior. In just a matter of a few weeks we were able to replace false beliefs with truth. I truly believe that I have been set free from what held me captive for so many years. – N.B. Orlando

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