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Our addiction therapists work with all types of substance abuse and addictions. We offer effective treatment in a caring, supportive atmosphere. We help those who struggle with alcohol or other drugs to not only develop other, more healthy behaviors, but also to get to the root cause of the addiction.
Total Health Guidance has licensed mental health counselors who specialize in addiction treatment.  We take clients who self initiate treatment as well as those who are mandated by the court system.
The first step to recovery is making the call. We can walk the road to recovery with you. Our unique approach is so effective because we address addiction from a “total health” perspective. Not only do we deal with the behavioral components, but we also address the underlying pain, trauma, shame, and false beliefs that serve as fuel for the addiction. Going through our treatment plan will not only help you become sober, but will also make you physically healthier, more relationally connected, and stronger spiritually.
Our treatments include weekly therapy sessions, acupuncture for cravings, massage therapy for detoxing and stress management, as well as nutritional counseling, for those that are serious about their recovery and want to treat it from a holistic perspective.  Please call our office at 321-332-6984 for additional information.

I was scared that I would not be able to maintain my sobriety after being released from my rehab center. The director of the rehab facility gave me a card for Total Health Guidance. I literally drove right from rehab and walked into the office at Total Health Guidance. I had an instant connection with the counselor and continued treatment with him until I was strong enough to maintain lasting sobriety. I would recommend Total Health Guidance for anyone that wants to get complete healing from drugs or alcohol.   T.B. – Orlando

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