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We have found that some people prefer Christian counseling because they believe that a Christian therapist will be better able to understand how their faith impacts their counseling needs. We have Licensed Clinical Christian  Therapists on our staff that care about the spiritual as well as emotional health and well-being of our clients.   They use an approach that integrates prayer, Biblical principles, and other therapeutic techniques into the healing process.
Whatever your spiritual, relational, or emotional needs are, the first step is to call and talk about it. We will be able to guide you from there. Call 321-332-6984 to schedule your first appointment. We offer Christian counseling in our Orlando office as well as online throughout the state of Florida.

Services Offered:

  • Christian/Pastoral Counseling – Services are available for those seeking a faith-based counseling approach for depression, anxiety, addictions, and relationships. Pastors, Missionaries, and others in full-time Christian Ministry may find these services useful because of the added need for confidentiality.
  • Theophostic Prayer Ministry (TPM) for individuals trying to reconcile their Christian beliefs with their current behavior.
  • Christian Marriage Counseling for couples looking to connect or reconnect with one another.
  • Spiritual Abuse Recovery for people needing a confidential environment to share their struggles, but are uncomfortable talking with their current pastor.
  • Church & Christian School Speaking.

Theophostic Prayer Ministry is intentional and focused prayer with the desired outcome of an authentic encounter with the presence of God, resulting in mind renewal and subsequent transformed life.  Theophostic counseling sessions are ideal for those that have had traumatic experiences in their life and are dealing with the false beliefs that were triggered by those traumas.  Christian counseling is based on the premise that lies need to be replaced by truth and that the “truth will set you free.” However, for many of us, the lies that we are believing are not just cognitive lies, but rather experiential lies. In order to replace an experiential lie, we need to have an experiential truth. This is the real power of Theophostic prayer. The counselor will not be the one providing the truth.  Instead, you will experience God himself as the one providing the truth!
Please call our office at 321-332-6984 for additional information.

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