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Congratulations! If you looking at this page it probably means that you are serious about your recovery from alcohol or other drugs. It is one thing to stop your substance use or abuse, but it is another to get the nutrition for addiction recovery needed to repair your body to optimal health. Our counseling staff can support you through the emotional aspects of detox and withdrawal, and our nutritional staff can help you heal physically. Substance abuse takes a huge toll on your body’s nutrients which can actually increase your desire to use more alcohol or drugs.

Why Total Heath Guidance?

We will look at both the behavioral and root cause issues associated with substance use. We use the latest nutritional science to reduce cravings and restore your body’s ability to heal from within. We determine what goals, motivation, support, and rewards will work best for each client. We also address any underlying issues that may be sabotaging your success such as nutritional cravings, past traumas, or emotional rituals. In order to completely heal from any long-term alcohol or drug use, it is critical to get the nutrition for addiction recovery needed to replenish your body’s vital nutrients. We will develop a personalized food and nutrition plan and provide the education needed for sustained health.


The initial comprehensive assessment and any follow-up sessions with our nutrition professionals are just $125/hour. Because nutrition for addiction recovery is just a great need, we provide this service in our Orlando office as well as to clients all throughout the United States via online or phone appointments.

I drank 8 – 10 beers every day for the past 15 years. After getting a diagnosis of severe liver damage I finally decided to get help. I came to Total Health Guidance at first to get counseling for my addiction. As part of my therapy I went through a natural detox program and got on a nutrition plan that significantly reduced my desire for alcohol. I am now 8 months sober, have a lot more energy, and in much better health. My only regret is that I didn’t call THG 10 years earlier.
N.R. – Windermere

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