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Grief comes from any significant loss in our life. The most common sources of grief that we treat in our office are:

  • Death of a friend or family member
  • Loss of a job
  • Death of a pet
  • Divorce
  • Life transition (change of career, moving to a new location, retirement, etc.)

Most people are familiar with the “Stages of Grief” but knowing about them doesn’t necessarily mean that you will process your grief in a healthy manner. While there are no shortcuts to the grieving process, it is possible to get stuck in one or more of those stages. We come along side of you to support you and help you to keep moving through the grieving process.
Most of us know someone who is still stuck in one of the stages of grief. It might be the man that is still depressed over the loss of his wife 10 years ago. It may be the woman who is angry and bitter with the doctor, or the person who can’t stop wondering “if only…” would the outcome have been different.  Those are all normal feelings during the grieving process. However, it is also normal to move through these feelings and come to the point of acceptance.

Grief Workshop

We offer a monthly grief workshop, which is a 4-hour experiential journey through the grieving process.  This workshop focuses on educating participants on the 5 stages of grief.  The experiential processes during the workshop will help participants identify which stage of grief they are in, and move through any stages in which they may be stuck.  The ultimate goal of this workshop is to help participants move closer to a place of healing and understanding as it relates to their grief.
This workshop can be helpful for anyone dealing with any type of loss, such as:  Death, divorce, loss of job, loss of a dream, or any other significant life change.
For questions regarding grief counseling or our Grief Workshop, please call (321) 332-6984.

I had experienced a lot of sadness and death in my life. However, when my mom died last year I just couldn’t seem to deal my with grief. It was impacting my job as well as my relationship with my husband and children. I really didn’t think that counseling would help, but I was wrong. After my very first session I knew I had called the right place. I felt so at peace and for the first time in over a year I had hope. It only took about a month before I was able to be fully functional again.  – C.H. – Windermere

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