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Sexual identity issues are extremely common and complex. Call us now at 321-332-6984 to schedule a FREE confidential consultation.

Sexual identity may also be referred to as gender identity or sexual orientation. This is the part of us that determines who we are physically or emotionally attracted to. In terms of sexual orientation, people fall into one of these categories: heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or questioning.  All of these are considered to be normal by the American Psychological Association. If any of these questions or statements apply to you, then you may benefit from scheduling an appointment with one of our sexual identity counselors:

  • I have feelings for a member of the same sex, does that mean I am gay?
  • What if I am attracted to members of both sexes?
  • I am in a heterosexual relationship, but I have had sexual experiences with a member of the same sex.
  • I think my son or daughter may be gay. How do I talk to them about this?
  • I don’t seem to have any sexual feelings, is that normal?
  • I am gay or bisexual and I don’t know how to tell my family.
  • I “love” a member of the opposite sex, but I am “sexually attracted” to members of the same sex.

Sexual identity is a very private issue and we go above and beyond to ensure confidentiality. Most experts believe that at least 10% of the American population is either gay, bisexual, or questioning their sexual orientation. This can be a very confusing issue, but you do not have to take this journey alone.  We do NOT try to “fix” or “repair” you.  Rather, our caring and professional counselors will help you navigate this course in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. It is normal for people to struggle with sexual identity, especially in our sexually confusing culture. If you would like help with this process, give us a call at 321-332-6984.

Please call our office at 321-332-6984 for additional information.

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