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Help is available. You don’t have to let depression or anxiety keep you from fulfilling relationships, a successful career, or enjoying other aspects of your life.  The root cause of these disorders is not a “drug deficiency.” While medication can be helpful, and sometimes necessary, we seek to get to the root of the issue so drugs will not be needed or no longer be required. Our holistic approach takes into account your physical, emotional, relational, and nutritional needs.


Our unique approach is very effective and almost always quicker than traditional therapy. Most of our clients start to see improvement immediately and require less than 10 sessions for ongoing health.  Traditional approaches focus on the areas that are really out of your control. We take a different approach.  We walk you through a plan that will allow you to take back control and live your life free from these emotional pit falls. Isn’t it time that you started to experience the freedom that you deserve?



Fees for counseling sessions are $100/hour. Some scholarship discounts may be available for low income clients.  Please call our office at 321-332-6984 for additional information.


Depression Screening Test

Instructions: Answer honestly the following questions based on how you have felt or behaved over the past week. This test is not designed to make a diagnosis of depression. If you think that you may be depressed, please call our office at 321-332-6984 to schedule an appointment with a counselor to get a diagnosis and/or treatment plan for depression.

Each question should be answered using the following scale:

0 = Not at all

1 = A little bit

2 = Somewhat

3 = Moderately

4 = Often

5 = A lot


___ I am slow to get things done.

___ My future looks hopeless.

___ I have lost my interest/desire for sex.

___ It is difficult for me to concentrate.

___ Pleasure and joy have left my life.

___ I have trouble making decisions.

___ I have lost interest in areas of my life (Hobbies, friends, career, etc.).

___ I feel sad, down in the dumps, or unhappy.

___ I am agitated and have to keep moving around.

___ I feel tired and fatigued.

___ It takes a lot of effort for me to do even simple things.

___ I am self-critical and feel like I deserve to be punished.

___ I see myself as a failure.

___ I worry a lot about my health.

___ My sleep is not normal (I get too little or too much).

___ I think that I may be better off dead.

___ I don’t like the way I look.

___ I feel trapped or caught.

___ I feel depressed even when good things happen to me.

___ Without trying, I am losing or gaining weight.





If you scored ….         Then you may have….

0 – 10                                    No Depression

11 – 20                                  Borderline Depression

21 – 35                                  Mild Depression

36 – 50                                  Moderate Depression

51 and up                            Severe Depression

** Remember that this should NOT be considered a diagnosis or recommendation for treatment.


No Depression

Based on your answers, you are just experiencing the normal ups and downs of life and probably do not currently suffer from depression.


Borderline Depression

You may be experiencing some depression symptoms. These are very common in our society. Call our office if you are experiencing feelings that are impacting your daily functions.


Mild Depression

It appears that you may be experiencing some mild depression that borders on the possibility of a depressive episode. It is not clear if this issue is severe enough to need further diagnosis and treatment. Call our office if your feelings are impacting your job, family life, or any other daily functions.


Moderate depression

Your answers indicate that you may be suffering from moderate depression. While this is not a diagnosis, you may want to seriously consider making an appointment with us or another mental health professional to rule out a possible depressive disorder.


Severe depression

Based upon your responses, you may be suffering from severe depression. Other people with answers similar to yours are often diagnosed with a major depressive disorder and have sought professional help for treatment. Again, this is not a diagnosis. However, you should call our office or seek other help immediately.


Thank you for your time and your tremendous help in my time of need. I didn’t know where to turn to when I hit the wall, but you were there for me.  D.T. – Orlando


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