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What’s your number?

What’s your number?

– Tony Ambush, LC

Though anger is the emotion many of us are most use to managing, we live in a society that fears anger.  Anger is natural response to difficult and challenging situations.  At Total Health Guidance we do not see emotions as good or bad, positive, or negative.  We help client focus on identifying the root cause of their anger and help them learn how to alleviate, not manage their anger.

Anger is an emotion that can help protect us in times of adversity.  It can give us strength to defend ourselves, and fuel to take action.  Anger can help us recognize a threat and identify that we are unsafe, allowing us to move away from danger.

Living in any one emotion can be damaging.  Driving a car in the same gear for an entire trip could damage the transmission, yielding the car useless.  Staying in a place of anger can damage our emotional, spiritual, relational, financial, and physical lives.

The positive side of anger is that is can give us strength allowing us to persevere during a times of adversity and strife.  Anger can also be an indication of our passion related to a specific person, experience, or issue.  That passion can lead us to action.

Where do you stand with anger?  Are you often hostile or quickly annoyed?  Do you feel you are unable to control your anger?  Do small problems yield intense anger response in you?  If so, anger management may be helpful to you.

So, what is your number?  How does your anger rank?  Follow this link to access our free online Anger Assessment.

The assessment will help you learn where your anger ranks.  To learn more about our anger management treatments or groups, call our office at (321) 332-6984.

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