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Mindfulness Amidst COVID-19

Mindfulness Amidst COVID-19

Tania Feres, LFMTRI

Mindfulness focuses on the present moment, being in the here-and-now. During this pandemic, it is common for individuals to experience anxiety and uncertainty.  Not knowing what will happen in the future, the fear of the unknown, and the fear of financial insecurities can all contribute to stress and anxiety.  Mindfulness can help individuals get centered and grounded.

Here are 5 things you can do to bring Mindfulness in your life:

  1. Have a mindful walk and observe the squirrels, birds, plants, and flowers around you.
  2. Be grateful for the little things that are happening in your life daily.
  3. Practice mindful eating while enjoying your meals.
  4. Have mindful conversations with the people you love.
  5. Set personal intentions for yourself during the day.

Practicing mindfulness meditation can lower your cortisol levels and bring your nervous system back to normal when experiencing anxiety and stress during Covid-19If you are interested in learning more or have an interest in group offerings that focus on this topic, please contact our office at (321) 332-6984.

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