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Essential Oils and Our Emotional Health

Essential Oils and Our Emotional Health

Every wonder why a smell, scent, or fragrance can bring up memories and emotional responses? Our olfactory sense is the quickest route to our brain. Our sense of smell is specifically connected directly to our brain’s limbic system, which is primarily responsible for our emotional life.


Essentials oils are more than just fragrances. The more pure the oil, the better it is able to operate on a cellular level to improve our health. One key factor everyone can agree on is that scent and smells can have a profound effect on our emotional health. Lavender is a common essential oil known for its ability to help with relaxation. Lavender can also help with allergies, insomnia, sunburn, bites & stings, as well as burns & cuts. There are many essential oils available to address our daily health concerns. You can find out more about essential oils by clicking here: TonyAmbushEssentialOils


As a massage therapist, I know essential oils not only help reduce aches and pains but also help clients relax more easily. Be sure to ask your health care professional about essential oil options on your next visit. At Total Health Guidance, I work with essential oils and offer some unique experiences such as the AromaTouch Technique which uses 8 different essential oils that helps with: stress, immune function, inflammation, and balanced the body system. If you have more questions please call our office at (321) 332-6984.

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