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Nutrition CounselingMany people struggle to eat right. Getting the right food into your body can be a daily challenge. Fast food and all-you-can-eat buffets seem to be around every corner, especially here in Orlando.
Trans-fat, sugar, and artificial colors and flavors have been added to just about everything in the supermarket. Reaching for a bag of chips or a soda at the corner store seems a whole lot faster and easier than washing and peeling a piece of fruit or preparing a salad. Yet, you can’t read a magazine or watch TV without hearing the message: “Eat more fruits and vegetables.”
However, knowing what to do is easy; actually doing it is the hard part. Many people look to vitamins and supplements to help bridge the nutritional gap in their diets. Unfortunately, supplements cannot even begin to replace the thousands of plant-based nutrients that God put in fresh fruits and vegetables. To find out more about an easy, convenient, and very affordable way to add more fresh produce into your diet, contact us or check out Juice Plus.

I have struggled with high blood pressure and cholesterol for many years.  I have tried numerous vitamins and supplements without any success. When I heard about Juice Plus, it just made sense to me. I liked that is was “food” and not a “supplement.” I just got the results from my latest blood work and my doctor was so impressed. He told me to keep up the Juice Plus because it was definitely working!  S.B. – Winter Park

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