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The Journey

The Journey

By Tony Ambush, LC, CHC, LMT

It is has been said that everyone has baggage. There is some truth to this. We have all lived, and our life experiences both good and bad can stay with us. Baggage is often thought of negatively. However, I would like you to consider an unfamiliar perspective.

I would like you to consider baggage as the skills, tools, thoughts, and experiences you collect along your own personal journey in life. I believe we all have baggage. Baggage in the form of trauma, emotional pain, loss, regret, etc. We can learn from all our life experience regardless of whether we see them as negative or positive. They are growing pains.

We need tools and supplies to support us during our exploration of life. Those tools and skill differ at times as we navigate the varying routes along the road to “becoming.” What was required 10 years ago may no longer serve us today. This leg of our journey may require different skills and new understanding. To understand what is needed and what is not, we need to sort through our baggage. If we do not examine what we have collected over time we may not recognize those things we need to discard or that we need new tools, skills, etc.

One mark of a healthy person is one who takes the time to analyze their lives. One who is willing to sort through what they have collected. When we are able to look at what we are carrying, we are able to identify things we may need to release and let go of; those things that no longer serve us. We also get to see what others may have added to our baggage, leaving things we do not need that may be detracting from our life experience.

Take the time to check your bags. Do you have what you need for this part of your journey? What things are you needing to let go of or move beyond? It may be time to explore and take a new route. Examining where you are in your journey on a regular basis can help better prepare for the “now” and the future.

 If you are having difficulty managing the clutter of life and finding it hard to let go, we are starting a support group designed to help those struggling with “Letting Go.” This weekly group will focus on three principles: Let-in, Let-up & Let-go. This group will start on 7/12/22 from 5:30 to 7 PM. Call to register for our groups: (321) 332-6984

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