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Parenting Tips for Difficult Kids & Teens – Dancing With WALTER

Parenting Tips for Difficult Kids & Teens – Dancing With WALTER

Need parenting tips?

Many parents get caught up in an unhealthy dance with their children. As a result, parents are stressed, angry, and find themselves yelling at their children. The children show decreased respect and obedience to their parents. This unhealthy dance often involves “Dancing with WALTER.” WALTER stands for:

W – Warnings
Do NOT give warnings. Kids learn from direct and immediate consequences.

A – Anger
Do NOT express anger & disapproval. Expect kids to make mistakes, that’s how they learn & change.

L – Lectures
Remember how helpful your parent’s lectures were? The fewer the words the better!

T – Threats
These only add stress to you and your child. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

E – Explanations
Pre-teen children need NO explanations. Obedience is a requirement.

R – Repeats
Give short, simple instructions – one time! Consequences happen immediately if action is not obeyed.

If you find yourself “dancing with WALTER” on a regular basis, call to schedule an appointment. We can provide additional parenting tips on how to break this pattern and establish a respectful home where children honor and obey their parents.

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