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6 Nutrition Tips for the Holiday Season

6 Nutrition Tips for the Holiday Season

Many people struggle with managing their diets* during the holidays. There is often confusion about what to eat, how much to eat, and how much to drink. Many Americans increase their food intake during the holidays. Americans also increase their alcohol consumption by 100% between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Portion control is a sure-fire way to stay focused over the holidays. Here are a few links with some tips for support in these areas during the holiday season:

  1. The great debate: Turkey vs Ham
  2. Vegan Christmas Ideas
  3. Portion Control Tips
  4. Alcohol Intake
  5. Mindful Holiday Eating
  6. Exercise

The holidays season is about connection, fun, gratefulness, giving, and having fun. We can all share in the holiday fun without ruining our nutrition and fitness plans. Most American’s overeat during the holiday season. Internal conversation can be brutal if we overeat. We beat ourselves up and this can lead to depression and anxiety.

Remember to be kind to yourself. If you overeat or overindulge, look forward and focus on the next best choice; exercising, increasing water intake, extend your run & workouts. Having a plan is helpful to combat the internal negative talk that is often the byproduct of overindulgence. This excessive negative dialog may lead to anxiety and depression. Enjoy your time with family and friends. Share your favorite recipe. Enjoy those deserts. Keep these tips in mind and have fun with your family and friends. Keep working toward your nutrition goals no matter what. Happy Holidays Everyone! 

* (When we use the word diet, we are focusing on what a person eats, not something a person does.)

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