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Emotional Components of Weight Loss

Emotional Components of Weight Loss

 – Tony Ambush, LMT, CHC

When you think of losing weight what comes to mind first?

If you are like most people the answers would be diet and exercise. Aside from these important factors, other components are present that can make or break any weight loss plan. The emotional aspect of weight loss is often lost when people embark on a journey to lose weight.


Emotions rule our lives in many ways. We act subconsciously in areas that affect our weight such as emotional eating, eating to sooth pain, or reducing food intake to meet weight goals. Emotional eating is recognized as a compulsive behavior and is proof that our emotional state may affect how we eat. How we eat affects our weight loss and our weight gain.


It is fairly common to have a workout partner for exercise. It is not uncommon to have a person start a diet with a friend for support. We know that this support can often contribute to the success of a workout or weight loss program. These forms of support can help the emotional part of any weight loss journey. Having someone share the experience with us can energize us when we might not be up to the commitment we’ve set to lose weight.


A plan devised with a good support system will also benefit from goal setting. Smart Goals are a great way to help us on the journey toward successful and sustainable weight loss. Find what works best for you for support, set your goals, and continue on your journey to improved health.


Smart Goals

Here is an example of a good Smart Goal: I want to spend 30 minutes on the treadmill at least days per week until March 31st. At Total Health Guidance, we offer a comprehensive and holistic approach to weight management. If you would like to receive a free weight loss evaluation, please call our office at 321-332-6984.



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