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Weight Loss Secret

Weight Loss Secret

Here’s the secret about “the secret to losing weight.”


Weight loss is one of the biggest money making industries in our country today.


Television, radio, and magazines along with almost every other source of media consistently bombard consumers on a daily basis with all types of weight loss strategies. There is no shortage of quick fix diet plans, miraculous pills, and ultimate exercise routines being touted. Unfortunately, most of the claims are not supported with real science. While the claims may be true, the details are often missed in the fine print. Most of the claims are not representative of the norm.


Obesity is a huge problem in our nation today. It impacts the physical, emotional, relational, and financial health of millions of Americans as well as our nation as a whole. There are many common myths surrounding weight loss that are being circulated erroneously by the media. Some common beliefs have been more recently dis-proven by scientific studies. With so much misinformation available, it is no wonder why so much confusion exists.


There are some weight loss principles that are true and reliable. For example, we know that consistent exercise and an active lifestyle is a key success factor for maintaining optimal weight management. We also know that weight loss must involve calorie reduction. A focus on lower calorie and higher nutritious foods is another important component. Here’s the secret… there is no magic weight loss pill, potion, diet, or exercise!


An integrated approach to weight management is what the scientific research supports. While most of the latest fads only focus on the physical side of weight loss, it is important to address the emotional and relational aspects as well. Many people use food as comfort or as a way to avoid negative feelings. People who do this may find themselves caught in an addictive cycle not all that unlike someone dealing with alcohol or other drug addiction. There are behavioral techniques that have been proven effective in treating any emotional maladaptive issues leading to poor weight management.


The relational aspect is also important. Those with a good support system and accountability are usually more successful in reaching their goals. At Total Health Guidance, we take this holistic and integrated approach to weight management. We offer guaranteed results at affordable rates. If you are ready to kick the “quick fix addiction” and develop a plan for long-term sustainable weight loss, give us a call at (321) 332-6984 and get started with a free consultation to see if our program is right for you.

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