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Keep Your Clothes On!

Keep Your Clothes On!

How do you get the massage your body needs without loosening your boundaries around nudity and modesty?

With massage, it’s easy. Some people are not keen on having a stranger rubbing all their body, even in a medical/health care setting. Perhaps it’s that idea of being touched by a stranger, maybe it’s being physically exposed in a strange environment or perhaps it’s just the natural fear of trying something new.


Licensed Massage Therapists are well trained to maintain modesty standards and are required to keep and maintain their licenses with the Florida Department of Health. We are required to take Continuing Education Units in order to maintain our license. Massage therapy is becoming more and more a recognized supportive therapy for a host of medical issues within the health care industry. The idea that massage is only for pampering is long gone. While most massage therapists can deliver a spa-type, Swedish massage, there are many other modalities that can meet a myriad of needs for a varied population.


There are several massage modalities and techniques that don’t require one to fully disrobe. You can try a chair massage, Tui Na or an AromaTouch massage. The latter only requires you to expose your back and feet. AromaTouch utilizes essential oils to target four major areas; Relaxation, Stress Reduction, Immune Boosting and Body systems balancing. With chair massage and Tui Na you are fully clothed. These three are very unique and specific massage modalities. There are other massage techniques that can be incorporated in your massage experience as well. Other techniques that can be applied while one is fully clothed include rocking, percussion, tapotement and compression. These techniques do not require any application of oils or lotions. You can be fully clothed and gain the same benefits of a traditional massage.


The benefits of massage vary depending on each individual. However, some standard benefits that accompany almost all massage are increased relaxation, lower heart rate, improved sleep, quicker muscle recovery, and reduced stress. An experienced licensed massage therapist can meet you where you are and provide you with a massage that gives you want you want and need. All while keeping you in a place of comfort regarding your own personal idea and need for modesty. Communication is the key. Be sure your therapist understands your needs and also any concerns. Doing so will ensure you have the best experience possible. If you are ready for a massage experience, call Total Health Guidance today at (321) 332-6984 to make your appointment.

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