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Pack Light

– Jermesa Lee

As we travel through life, we collect things, whether it be through personal experience or recollection from others. Some of the things we examine and determine where to place it right then and there. The other things just get stored away. Those items that are stored then become baggage that travels with us no matter where we go. The baggage eventually gets in the way, becomes heavy, and ends up being too much to carry. That heavy suitcase tends to make life journey harder and more tiresome to travel. So, what should you do if this happens to you?

  1. Make the decision to stop carrying the suitcase with the extra baggage around.
  2. Unpack the bag in a safe place.
  3. Sort through the items to determine what you can handle on your own and what may need to go to the cleaners (i.e., a professional/therapist).
  4. Address each unpacked item and put it in its appropriate place.
  5. Remember to pack light. Only carry the things that will help you through life, not those that will weigh you down.

Our unique brand of counseling focuses on whole person health. We look at your life from an emotional, relational, physical, and spiritual perspective. We focus on a team approach that is geared to helping our client reach sustainable relief and freedom. Please call 321-332-6984 for more information.


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