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April Showers Bring May Flowers

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Tony Ambush, LC, CHC, LMT

If you grew up in the Northeast, you’ll get the title reference.

Spring began March 20th of this year. Midway through spring I’m compelled to share what it means to me. Spring has always meant renewal to me. Growing up in CT I looked forward to the beauty of spring breaking free and exploding in color. Springs arrival aways brough with it how close summer was coming, and of family trips, cook out, kick ball with my friends on Hill, St. and so much more. The sense of renewal and the obvious beauty that came with spring were not always available to enjoy. The rain would come and indoors everyone would be. As a kid being inside was an unbearable punishment. I loved being outside, enjoying the warmth of the sun, exploring my neighborhood and riding my bike to Beardsley Park and Zoo.  While being indoors due to the rain limited my ability to explore, the rain also brought gifts.

I enjoyed watching the rain wash all the grime way, and clean everything. The rain brought puddles! I loved donning my slicker & goloshes before heading out to stop about in the puddles, enjoying the wet day. If the rain were too hard, I’d of course have my umbrella for added protection.

When the rain comes in the form of emotions and life struggles are you prepared to protect yourself? Where do you go for shelter? Will you lock yourself away in fear or will you find support? Life Coaching and Counseling can be the best sources of protection in the way of support for those suffering with emotional distress, trauma, grief, loss, and any mental health concerns, including life planning. Life coaching and Counseling can be your galoshes, slicker, and umbrella. They can be tools to help you maneuver through a part of your journey you may find difficult to navigate.

The wetness that comes from overexposure to rain can make us ill. We use tools like slickers, galoshes, and umbrellas to help until we can find a safe dry spot to shelter. If we don’t tend to our mental health or address our life stumbles, we can let the associated emotions or negative beliefs fester and make us mentally ill. The next time you feel the emotional rain coming on, seek support.

There is always a bit of joy in all life brings. Rain is not bad. Rain brings life. Rain causes us to slow down and pause. Rain forces us to gather in warm places and connect. I felt free exploring the gifts the rain brought, a slower pace, puddles, a cleaner environment, renewed life to plants and trees. However, I was most fond of the rain as it was a herald to summer, and we all love summer, don’t we?

Be well & continued health!

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