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Acupuncture and Stress

Acupuncture and Stress

3 Ways Acupuncture Can Help with Stress!

 – Christian Disla


Picture of a stressed man


  • In Chinese medicine we view stress as a sign of stagnation for both energy and blood. This is why exercise is recommended in order to relieve stress; by taking the body through a certain degree of movements and rigor you are increasing the flow of blood and energy. Through acupuncture we correct this flow to its natural state by using specific points to calm the mind, promote deep breathing, and boost energy.


  • When you experience stress the body secretes certain hormones into the bloodstream in order to relieve that stress. These hormones are released through the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, and the adrenal gland. This trifecta is known as the HPA axis. Another factor that is involved with stress is our “fight or flight” response which is induced by the increase of neuropeptide y (NPY) co-transmitter. Through acupuncture, we block the stress-induced elevations of the HPA axis hormones with the sympathetic NPY pathway while normalizing stress hormone levels.


  • During an acupuncture treatment you are given 20-30min on the treatment table, during this time patients usually fall asleep due to the calming effects of each point and soothing music that is often played in a treatment room. This is a good time to turn off the brain, forget about your worries, and allow yourself to take a moment to rest.


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