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3 Ways You Can Help…

3 Ways You Can Help…

A few things you can do to encourage someone to seek counseling.

We all have friends or loved ones that can benefit from counseling; but how do we find the right words to approach the subject without the other person feeling offended or attacked.  Here are three steps that can help you encourage them to seek help:

 1) Be Patient

The conversation of the possibility of counseling can be rather difficult and personal.  It is not one that can be had in haste and should not be taken lightly.  Having patience is important as your suggestion may be met with resistance and the conversation may take a little longer than expected.  Do not turn away, tell them how important they are to you and how it could be good for them to talk to a professional without judgment.

 2) Be Informed

Research the counselors in the area that could be of help to your friends or loved ones; this way, if they decide to seek counseling, you will already have the information available which will prevent procrastination and/or excuses.

 3) Be Available

You may sense some reluctance or fear even if they decide to meet with a counselor.  Offer to go with them.  If possible, you can pay for the first session.  Avoid asking questions about the sessions and let them know you will be there if they need additional support. At Total Health Guidance we are always willing to do a free consultation.

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  1. Good advice and, for me, a needed reminder to be patient! Love the succinct and practicality of the suggestions. Thank you Catherine.

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