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In couple’s counseling, we will work to help you learn, connect or reconnect with each other. This will allow you to rediscover the love and respect that originally bonded you as a couple. Couple’s therapy can help you by teaching tools and strategies that will help you repair your relationship. This may also enhance intimacy and help get back the friendship you once shared. You will both also learn to develop healthy communication skills and increase your conflict resolution skills.


Couple’s therapy in our Orlando office is a safe and very effective way for you to talk about your fears, discuss broken promises or any other issues that have come between you and your partner. Begin to rebuild trust in each other and in your relationship as a couple by calling 321-332-6984 to schedule your first appointment.   The same issues are addressed in Family Counseling as well.



Fees for counseling sessions are $100/hour.  Scholarship discounts may be available for low income clients. Please call our office at 321-332-6984 for additional information.


We left Total Health Guidance on Friday with a plan in place and the world lifted off our shoulders. John put the situation in simple terms to help us think clearly.  We were able to move forward and addressed the unpleasant task that was before us. We can’t thank John and his team enough, to really express our gratitude. I.L. and family – Orlando

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