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Health Coaching starts with an assessment of your health needs in regard to diet and exercise. Unlike many dietitians and nutritionists, we use scientific and biblical principles to help people set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, & Time sensitive) health goals.  We teach simple and sustainable ways to maintain those goals throughout your lifetime.


Many people struggle to eat right, try diets, fitness programs, and nutritional supplements seeking better health. By seeing a Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist, or Certified Nutrition Coach at Total Health Guidance instead, you can save both time and money by receiving specialized information to fit your personal lifestyle. We also have a specialty in sports nutrition and customize plans for athletes and performers.



  1. Personalized Nutrition Plan:  It starts with a 90-minute initial appointment where we assess your needs and health goals.  We provide nutritional education and then develop a customized food plan that takes into account your likes, dislikes, allergies, restaurant choices, and a host of other factors.
  2. Coaching Calls: For people needing additional support and/or accountability, we offer ongoing coaching calls that are scheduled in 20 minute increments.  Cost for an individual coaching session is $40. We offer the following pre-paid packages:
    • 2-5 sessions are $35 each
    • 6-10 calls $30 each
    • 11 or more $25 each


Call 321-332-6984 for more information.

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