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Our weight management program is uniquely designed for each client using principles that are consistent with TOTAL health.  We carefully evaluate your physical, emotional, and relational health during the initial assessment. We then consult with a physician to create personalized recommendations. While more clients are looking to lose weight, we also work with lots of clients who need to gain weight and do it in the healthiest way possible. Our programs are effective for both needs.


What makes our program unique?

Like other successful weight loss programs, we use the latest nutritional science to guarantee that you burn fat and don’t lose water or muscle weight. However, what sets us apart is that we also place great emphasis on the psychology of weight loss. We determine what goals, motivation, support, and rewards will work best for each client. We also address root issues that may be sabotaging your success such as cravings, emotional eating, and even past traumas.



There are no unrealistic diet plans or frozen meals. We understand that many people struggle to eat well, so our plan includes simple and sustainable ways to achieve your ideal weight and maintain it throughout your lifetime. You have nothing to lose – but the weight. To get started on the road to better health, call 321-332-6984.



The best part is that our program is affordable. Initial comprehensive assessments are just $100. We discuss the ongoing strategies to help you reach and maintain you weight loss goals. Future cost will vary depending on each individual’s needs and goals. Our full plan will include additional education, nutritional support, ongoing coaching sessions, and a customized food plan that takes into account your likes, dislikes, allergies, restaurant choices, and a host of other factors.


The initial appointment, as well as the ongoing coaching sessions can be done here in our office or over the phone. We serve clients all over the United States and throughout the world.


I am 72 years old and had been on medication for diabetes, cholesterol, and several other medical conditions for over 15 years. At THG I received a simple food plan along with great nutritional education. After just 4 months of applying those recommendations I had lost 30lbs.  My doctor just took me completely off of my diabetes & cholesterol medication.  I feel 20 years younger.
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