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We offer group therapy which may help improve your emotional health.  Our classes are small and intimate.  You will have time to share and listen to others as you process and grow.  Our group sessions and classes are all overseen by licensed professionals.  Our rates are quite affordable.   In addition to group therapy we offer assessments and evaluations as well as individual counseling coming from an integrated, holistic perspective.

Our Current Group Offerings:


Anger Management:

The group is designed for those wanting to get to the root issue of their anger and learn coping skills to better handle this emotion.


 Adolescent Support Group

This group will explore identity, family dynamics, grief and loss. It is specifically geared for adolescents (12-17) with adoption or foster experience.

Grief Support:

A support group for those managing loss and processing through the stages of grief. (ongoing)


Men’s Processing:

A support group for adult men designed to help process emotions.


Women’s Empowerment:

The focus of this group is on ways to get unstuck, regain your power, and get your life back on track! Discussion topics will include: how to get your decision making power back, how to expand your range of options from which to make choices, learning how to think critically, learning to redefine who you are and how to be authentic, learning how to express anger in healthy ways, increasing our positive self-image, and the ability to instill growth and change that is never ending and self-initiated. Take your power back and get on with the life you deserve!


The cost for our group sessions is $35 per session.  There may be an initial evaluation required for some classes. That assessment will be an individual session with a counselor to evaluate whether the group setting will meet your needs.  The rate for the initial evaluation session may differ depending on the group you are wanting to join.  We believe that we are very affordable and out team can help you achieve your goals.  If you need any more information or have any questions, please call our office at 321-332-6984.


Treatment and Support:

Total Health Guidance offers a full line of counseling services, nutritional support, acupuncture, medical massage, and assessments.

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