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Does acupuncture work?

Yes, acupuncture does work! Acupuncture is very effective at reducing pain, stress, and cravings while improving sleep, digestion, and energy. The only factors contributing to its effectiveness are the conditions being treated and if the correct points are being used. Some conditions take longer to treat and are difficult to gauge any change after the first treatment, these conditions are categorized as chronic. Ailments such as lupus or diabetes take a series of treatments before you notice a significant change. Conditions such as pain, or any other acute conditions, tend to have a more noticeable change in severity during and after the initial treatment. There are many different approaches on how to treat a condition and there are at least 360 acupuncture points that are taught to the average acupuncture physician.


Does acupuncture hurt?

Not usually, but it depends on where the needles are placed. There are certain areas of the body where it will be painful if a needle is inserted. For example, inserting a needle anywhere in the fingers or hands will be more painful because there are more nerve endings in these areas. Although for that same reason, this makes those acupuncture points more effective. Painless acupuncture is possible, but to fully benefit from your treatment you do want to have some kind of sensation. That pain is the signal that the brain needs in order to activate the effects of each point. Not every point will be painful, areas where there is more flesh or muscle, tend to be less painful. The pain that you’ll experience is no more than a prick, much less severe than getting an injection from a doctor.


Are the same needles used?

No, all needles are disposed after use. When you begin your treatment a fresh pack of sterile needles are opened just for you and are disposed of immediately afterwards

How long are the sessions?

A full session is about 1 hour. Thirty minutes of that time is spent lying on the table while being treated.


What should I wear?

Any loose clothing will be good for treatment as long as it rolls up past your knees or elbows, but shorts would be ideal.

Are there any side effects?

There are little to no side effects with acupuncture, but minor ones do occur on occasion. Some things that can happen after a treatment are: bruising, fatigue, numbness, soreness, and a tingling sensation after the treatment around the needle sight which can last a few days.


What should I expect after a treatment?

Some things to expect after treatment are: improved sleep, improved digestion, better appetite, more energy, more relaxed, and an overall better sense of well-being.


Pre-treatment instructions:

Be sure to have something to eat before your treatment whether a meal or a small snack, make sure you’re well hydrated, no alcohol or recreational drugs.

Post-treatment instruction:

No vigorous exercise after treatment, no alcohol or recreational drugs, and no sex for the remainder of the day.



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