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Qualify for an Emotional Support Animal Letter Now!


Total Health Guidance has a simple process for you to obtain a certificate for an Emotional Support Animal or Service Dog. It has been proven that an Emotional Support Animal can help one deal with the stresses of everyday life.




According to the Fair Housing Amendment Act of 1988, no landlord or property manager can discriminate against any individual who has a letter from a licensed mental health professional specifying their need for an Emotional Support Animal or Service Dog in their home. The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) follows the same requirements regarding traveling on an airline, train or bus.


The Process:

  • Call 321-332-6984 to schedule your 1 hour evaluation.
  • During the session one of our licensed therapists will conduct a simple evaluation to determine if you meet the requirements. In order to qualify you must be diagnosed with a mental illness (depression, anxiety, etc.) that substantially limits one or more of your life activities.
  • In most cases, the letter will be provided immediately following your appointment. To ensure confidentiality, the certificate will simply state that you meet the requirements for an Emotional Support Animal / Service Dog and will not list any specific diagnosis.
  • Cost $125
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