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Autism Spectrum Disorder


This 3 hour evaluation is performed by a licensed psychologist to confirm whether or not a person has a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Recommended treatment options from an integrated and holistic approach will be provided if a diagnosis is given. We also have an Educational Consultant on our team to provide guidance for special school related programs and services.



We are the most affordable office anywhere in the Orlando area for Autism evaluations.  The price includes the initial assessment time, any required follow up, and the written report with diagnosis if applicable.  If you want to schedule an assessment to confirm or rule out whether your child has Autism, Aspergers, or anything else of the Autism Spectrum, please call our office at 321-332-6984.

General Information:

All of our educational assessments and evaluations are completed in a timely fashion by a Licensed Clinical or School Psychologist. We can usually schedule Autism assessment within 5 days of your initial call. All of our evaluations are completed in a comfortable and completely confidential environment. Any therapy or follow-up that may be required can also be completed here at Total Health Guidance.  We offer a full line of counseling services, nutritional support, acupuncture, medical massage, and support groups. We can also provide a holistic and integrated approach to treatment for those wishing to avoid prescription medication.

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